Ateliergemeinschaft Refugium
PHOTO: © Außenansicht Ateliergemeinschaft Refugium | © Henning Leuschner

Ateliergemeinschaft Refugium

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Stops: Cologne-Ehrenfeld, Venloer Str. / Gürtel

The studio community "Refugium" is located in a former industrial area in Cologne-Ehrenfeld, which is nowadays fondly called Lichtviertel. Directly next to the Live Music Hall and opposite the Vulkan Halle, seven internationally known artists:inside work here in individual studios with and next to each other.

"Stars and Caps 3.0"

Henning Leuschner's artistic crown cork journey takes us through the music and film history of the past 70 years. He has created unique works of art from thousands of crown caps.

"Metamorphoses and fusions" Intelligence, mysticism, three hearts and eight arms - artworks by Tanja Messing.

"Out of Focus"

The exhibition features recent oil paintings and ink drawings in which diffusely mirrored objects seem to lose their context. Sarah Andree's paintings make the familiar seem strange and ironically break with this popular pictorial theme in art history.


The sculptures and works on paper by Ingo Hermes challenge us to question the conventions of reality and explore the limits of our perception.

"Combine Art"

Lost and forgotten objects that leave behind a story captivate Claudia Clauss. Eventually the right time comes and these little stories find their place in her paintings.


Drawings, etchings and sculptures by Dirk Heiden and Ingo Hermes "Im Zwielicht" Classic black and white photography between day and night by Michael Schiffhorst (guest artist)

"Human Resources"

Topics such as individuality, social interaction, identity and the interaction of people in today's society occupy Claudia Linde in her work (guest artist).

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