Blumengroßmarkt Düsseldorf
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Blumengroßmarkt Düsseldorf

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In our words:

Start your day early and fresh with a cup of coffee and warm words at Blumengroßmartk! As a leading regional supplier of plants and cut flowers, it offers personal attention, individual advice and high-quality products from over 70 growers. Discover and explore the 10,000 sq. ft. retail and showroom space centrally located with ample parking for cars and trucks.

In the location's words:

Morning, 4:58, the sun does not dare to come out yet, but we are already waiting for you! Because earlier is known to be fresher! With a cup of steaming coffee and a few warm words, the day starts off better. Many hands want to be shaken and a lot of plants and cut flowers are looking for a new home.

Almost 70 foster parents, mostly from the region, personally look after their "protégés" - and you, of course! Advice, sales, delivery, everything that goes with it is as individual as it is negotiable, because our dealers can just best tell you themselves about their products and - don't worry - they will, because they are for the most part also their growers. A good portion of pride in the quality offered is included.

Even though we are located in the middle of the most beautiful city on the Rhine with good traffic connections, we have something extremely untypical for Düsseldorf for you: Lots of parking spaces for cars and trucks directly at the hall. And lots of entrances, because we think about short distances and therefore only about you: You can already make enough meters in our hall. 10,000 square meters of trade and exhibition space want to be discovered and explored!

We don't think much of uniformity and corporate thinking - but all the more of individual strengths and international diversity. Even though we usually get all our heads under one hat when it comes to basic things, our dealers don't stand in a row, but look for their own field to plow and make individual prices for you: competition is good for business - especially yours! This may seem chaotic at first glance, but what about the flowers by the wayside? If you'd like to take a sniff, stop by. We're open until 9:00 a.m. (some of our vendors are even open until 12:00 p.m.) 6 days a week, and longer for special occasions.

If you not only want to discover how many nuances the color "green" can have, but also want to pick a few plants, you should, however, already be a reseller or commercial user; with us, the shopping carts are somewhat larger than at the florist around the corner.

For more information, please call 0211-47190 or fill out our application form.

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