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The House of World Cultures is dedicated to the search for strategies for a better coexistence in and with this world. It is a house in which cultures of hospitality and conviviality are cultivated, brought to bloom and carried forward. It is a physical and affective space that gives everyone the opportunity to unfold their breath at their own rhythm. To breathe and let breathe. A house in which respect for all living and non-living beings takes center stage and shapes our idea of cultures.

In its name, the HKW emphasizes the concept of the "world". This understanding of the world encompasses a multiplicity of cultures, knowledge systems, socio-politics, spiritualities and ways of being. Such a plurality of "worlds" is reflected in an approach that appreciates how changeable and processual the worlds are that we have shaped in the past and continue to shape. "World" is not a noun, but a verb: welten, entwelten, wiederwelten.

Berlin offers a home to citizens from all over the world and from 170 nations. These people and their communities are of fundamental importance for the orientation of HKW - not only as the setting of themes or the audience, but also as fellow travelers and co-creators of the program. It is based on migrant-localized forms of knowledge and the sheer abundance of stories and realities of life that make up our worlds today. The task ahead of us is to make HKW a house of multiplications and encounters. Cultures are lived and experienced here, not presented as "others" or merely exhibited.

In times in which the various injustices perpetrated by human beings are testing and questioning, if not negating, humanity worldwide, HKW is making the emancipatory maxim of the Haitian Revolution (1791-1804) its own: Tout Moun Se Moun. It describes the spirit in which we want to work. It states that every human being is a human being, that we are all equal before the law and that no human life is more important than another. Tout Moun Se Moun also includes respect for the worlds of animals, plants, fungi and unicellular and multicellular organisms, as well as non-living species, which have an equal right to their spaces and to coexist in our world.

There is no room for hate speech or violence of any kind in the House of World Cultures. There is no room for ableism, ageism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, queerphobia, racism, sexism, trans*phobia and the like. HKW strives to be a place where love, respect and generosity are lived in daily practice.

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