Ratinger Hof
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Ratinger Hof

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In our words:

The Kulturbanausen have made it their mission to satisfy the city's hunger for culture and give their all to do so. Whether concerts, exhibitions, parties or theater - they leave nothing to be desired. So grab your friends and come along to celebrate life and learn something about art and culture at the same time.

In the location's words:

The Kulturbanausen are still very new, but they have come to stay. They are a cooperative, an association of culture-makers and culture-loving restaurateurs who have set out to create a new, urgently needed central location for culture in Düsseldorf. And in doing so, they take themselves much less seriously than the cause itself - cultural philistines in the best sense of the word.
They found what they were looking for in the heart of the old town, in the Ratinger Hof, which is dripping with pop culture history and expectations. But that doesn't scare a philistine! So they simply called a spade a spade: "Kulturbanausen im Ratinger Hof".

The Kulturbanausen in the Ratinger Hof are an opportunity. A chance for the city, but above all for its inhabitants. A chance for culture. From A to Z. Concerts, exhibitions, parties, readings, workshops, theater, cabaret, performance - everything is possible, nothing is excluded. The focus is not on the interests of the operators, but on the needs. What is the space missing for? Who is missing a place? The Kulturbanausen give a stage, give the space to present oneself, to try out new things. They promote young talent, support the local scene. Because it's about the cause, not about making money. That's why the form of a cooperative, any profit made is reinvested. In the place, in events. So a party finances a discussion group, a big concert finances a workshop.

But the Kulturbanausen want even more. The independent cultural scene lacks not only space, but also cohesion, exchange, a lobby. So the Kulturbanausen want to gradually build up a network of various institutions, associations and initiatives in order to be able to combine forces, help each other out and coordinate. In order to give a voice to the culture-creative and to make in such a way possible on a long-term basis a more multicolored, alive culture scene.

Source: Kulturbanausen

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