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The Chocolate Museum in Cologne offers a 5,000-year-old history of cocoa, from mythical ceremonies in Central America to today's luxury food. The museum presents the world's most comprehensive display of the history and present of chocolate. Visitors:inside can visit the tropical environment of the cacao plant and learn more about its importance as an aphrodisiac, sacrificial offering, currency, food and indulgence. However, the Chocolate Museum is more than just a place to eat chocolate. It offers a unique experience that visitors should not miss.

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The "World Tour of Cocoa" in the Cologne Chocolate Museum begins with a historic West African dugout canoe. It bears the inscription "Intowada," which means "do not give up hope," and is a message to the museum's guests. These learn exciting things about the cultivation, transport, production and consumption of cocoa and chocolate on more than 600 square meters. The critical aspects of these long production and supply chains are also not concealed. Sustainability is the common thread running through the exhibition, which was modernized in 2023. Then it's off to the "Transparent Chocolate Factory," which has also been renovated. The highlight of the house functions like a walk-through info-graphic and takes guests step by step from the roasted beans to the finished bar of chocolate.

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