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In our words:

Welcome to Weltkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf, the place where art and culture come to life in all their facets. Here you will find exhibitions, concerts, performances, workshops and more. Immerse yourself in a world full of art, exchange and experimentation.

In the location's words:

The Weltkunstzimmer is the art center of the Hans Peter Zimmer Foundation in Düsseldorf.

Our program consists of exhibitions, the concert series Musikzimmer, performances and presentations from dance and theater, workshops, talks, the film festival Urban Space Videowalk, and the Weltkunstzimmer Residency.

In addition, we regularly promote collaborations from the fields of art, theater, dance, film and music through the favorable use of the unique spaces in Düsseldorf (e.g. International Dance Fair NRW, Dance Research, ASPHALT Summer Festival of the Arts, die digitale - Festival for Digital Art and Music and many more).


We see ourselves as a place for mindful contemplation: the programming of cultural projects pursues the task of reflecting on the relationship between art and society. We strive to allow visitors to recognize and develop their thoughts and ideas in our programming.

Our existence allows contemplation on urban development for and against urban society. The courtyard area is a silent activist against gentrification, which is increasingly transforming Düsseldorf and changing, threatening and destroying living spaces of human and non-human actors*. Another meditative aspect is found in the diversity of cultural projects, traditional and progressive may stand side by side. The decisive value is tolerance towards interests and an openness for the unconventional without pressure to innovate.

As an urban biotope in the heart of Düsseldorf, the listed Backfabrik is a refuge for creativity. The focus is on building long-term collaborations with local artists* as well as a global exchange with a wide variety of living environments. Our small, dedicated team works flexibly and with short distances to implement both cultural gems and ambitious large-scale projects.

For us, art plays a creative role in relation to society. For this reason, we want to be an open place - a space for living, exchanging, reflecting and experimenting, where artists as well as researchers and interdisciplinary experts are inspired and challenged to come up with original ideas and presentations.

All information about the foundation can be found here.

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