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Sipping ramen in Munich
by Julia Wittmann 08.02.2022
Eating dumplings in Munich
by Annika 04.02.2022
Tapas store for burgers: Der kleine Flo
by Annika 03.02.2022
For pizza & light beer at Balan21
by Regina 21.01.2022
Eating pasta in Munich
by Annika 18.01.2022
Vietnamese, varied and vegan: SOY
by Anouschka 04.01.2022
Asian & vegan: Vegan Chay
by Annika 04.01.2022
Special drinks for New Year's Eve: you'll find what you're looking for in these Munich stores & bars
by Lisa 03.01.2022
Good wine meets pulpo and artichoke: The Obalski
by Annika 20.12.2021
Environmentally conscious enjoyment at the Poppi Farmer Café
by Lisa 17.12.2021

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