Movies & Cinema in Munich

Whether art house, blockbuster or documentary: What's new at the cinema in Munich today? We love international as well as German films, have a big heart for independent films and art house cinema and also recommend film classics and original versions (the "OmU" and "OV" in the cinema program). Grab some popcorn, nachos and a drink of your choice and enjoy the big screen at City Kinos, Monopol, the city's open air cinemas or at Neues Maxim!

Independent & arthouse films, cinema program with documentaries, open air cinema in summer in Munich

Discover a diverse selection of films and experience unforgettable cinema moments. Whether current blockbusters, exciting documentaries or cinematic insider tips - the city's cinema program has something for every taste. Immerse yourself in the world of independent and arthouse cinema and enjoy sophisticated films away from the mainstream. Open-air cinemas also provide a unique movie experience in the open air. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of art house cinemas and let yourself be enchanted by moving stories and impressive images. Experience cinema in Munich and discover the diversity of film!