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The Bridges Chamber Orchestra

In the Bridges Chamber Orchestra, founded in Frankfurt in 2019, 25 musicians* from 13 different countries play and bring together their instruments from Orient and Occident, Far East and Latin America. We take music from all the musical cultures of the musicians* involved and combine it with classical European orchestral playing, creating a special blend.


Our orchestra members mostly compose and arrange themselves to fit our unique instrumentation, thus making their different musical backgrounds audible. In this way we show traditions, uncover how much migration there is in our European orchestral culture and at the same time develop new things. For example, we deal with the interplay of identity and integration in a jazz composition, transpose a European baroque piece into today's Rhine-Main region through Bridges instrumentation, and combine Arabic quarter tones with European orchestral tradition in a funk title.


With "Identigration" we played a tour in the Rhine-Main area in February 2020, which deals with hybrid identities - with belonging to several cultures and questions about the interplay of identity and integration. Nine of the ten pieces were composed or arranged for us by orchestra members. The series was conducted by the renowned German-Egyptian conductor Nabil Shehata.

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