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echoe is a place where we will work on ourselves & together to "heal" certain parts of ourselves. We are a group of people who are passionate about personal development, spirituality, mental health and creating a beautiful(re)life for ourselves.

To that end, we come together weekly: For sharing, caring & trying things out together. Sometimes we will meditate together, listen to passages from podcasts or read quotes from books together, sometimes we will journal on certain topics, work through different therapy methods, share our own experiences and and and... We will work out & try out everything possible that might help us and create a space full of growth, security, trust and mutual support. echoe thrives on swarm knowledge and what each individual participant brings into the room. Therefore, each session will be different and deal with different topics. What remains constant: we meet weekly on Mondays at 7pm at the nido in Düsseldorf-Flingern. We start with a small round in silence & a sharing - the rest of the session is then filled according to the needs of the group.

echoe mainly addresses the following target group: flinta* between 20 to end 30 with previous experience in spiritual work, psychotherapy, coaching or comparable self-experience fields.

I look forward to each and every heart that would like to attend & enrich the group and send a big thank you right now! Please message me on instagram via dm if you would like to be a part of it. We will start with the first session on 07/11 at 7pm. Please make sure to be on time. We will start with the session at 19:10 at the latest.

x, Leni

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