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Since the founding of the independent dance company IPtanz by the choreographer Ilona Pászthy and the visual artist miegL, special artistic coalitions have emerged: Dance meets visual arts, meets film, meets science // Dance seeks unusual places and the confrontation with the most diverse artistic and structural concepts.

With this in mind, a large number of full-length dance productions are created in which the different artistic approaches intertwine in the choreographic process and become interdisciplinary complete works.

Ilona Pászthy's artistic background through her studies of illustration and painting as well as contemporary dance shapes her choreographic work.

For the further development of the content, she is constantly looking for new forms of cooperation on an artistic, structural, as well as interdisciplinary level. Always linking to current socio-political topics, the focus is on designing the concepts in such a way that they can be adapted to different spatial conditions.

Contemporary dance projects are created in public spaces, in site-specific spaces or as installations in classical stage spaces. How can the walk-on stage space provide the audience with a more intimate and immediate experience of dance, stage space and artists?
And how can a more diverse and intercultural audience be reached? Audience-building measures including physical-sensory introductions and barrier-reduction formats such as audio descriptions complement the productions.

As a choreographer and dancer, Ilona Pászthy also participates in drama productions. In international collaborations with, among others, Cie. Jacques Banayanga / Dem. Rep. Congo, Maya Dance Theater from Singapore as well as with artists from Brazzaville / Rep. Congo, Chad, South Korea and European companies, IPtanz seeks intercultural exchange. In 2019, the production SEED (premiered as part of the Summer Blood Festival) was created, which turned to mechanisms of rejection and exclusion. Part of the production was an exhibition that provided insights into themes that inspired the rehearsal process. The performance was audio-discribed and was nominated for the 2019 Cologne Dance and Theater Award.

The 2nd production in 2019 "pUFFING bODIES" was an international collaboration with Maya Dance Theatre Singapore on the theme "the ideal body" in intercultural dialogue. In December 2019, the production was hosted at Center 42 in Singapore.

IPtanz receives conceptual funding from the state of NRW and 4-year project funding from the city of Cologne. Ilona Pászthy is a founding member of Barnes Crossing e.V. and is represented by iDAS. IPtanz is a member of ASSETEJ and BUTIÖR.

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