Lagerfeuer Deluxe FOTO: © Marcel Fromme
Event Series

Lagerfeuer Deluxe

3 Künstler*innen I 20 Minuten I Keine Effekte

In the organizer's words:

The Lagerfeuer Deluxe has become cult in the Cologne music scene over the last 17 years. Three artists or bands present the acoustic essence of your sheep in an intimate atmosphere. Lyrics and music can be experienced very closely by the listeners and this leads to a mostly highly euphoric togetherness. There is no limit to the musical variety. Singer/songwriters appear next to hip hop acts or reggae artists next to indie bands. But all of them have to subordinate to the musical concept of Lagerfeuer Deluxe:

1. each act has only 20 minutes to thrill the audience.
2. with limited means: No drums, no amplifiers, no efects, just campfire feeling.
3. the song is in the center, the singer has to bring it across.

How good that trends always create counter-trends. The Lagerfeuer Deluxe concert series is such a counter-trend - a thoroughly analog story: singers sing songs, guitarists play guitar, pianists sit at the piano, cellists bow strings. This event, now in its fifth year, is about nothing else. And every year the popularity grows. It's damn hard to retain a regular audience at live music series, but the makers of Lagerfeuer Deluxe have succeeded. Sometimes their guests are a bit known (Annenmaykantereit, Nelson Müller, Gunther Gabriel, Maxim, OK KID, Flo Mega, Kat Frankie, Mine, Bukahara and many more), sometimes completely unknown. But it doesn't matter! The audience treats every artist with respect and attention. Because every artist has something to offer, the tasteful organizers make sure of that.

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