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Our world is constantly changing. As part of a democratic society, we are therefore constantly challenged to deal with different questions. Probably the most important of these is: How do we want to live as a society?

In order to discuss the big questions of our time openly and profoundly, we need one thing above all: places for inspiration and information as well as for pausing and exchanging ideas. This is precisely why we founded the non-profit organization neuland & gestalten.

In our GESELLSCHAFTSRAUM, a retail store at Buttermelcherstraße 15 in the heart of Munich, we offer innovative, empowering and easily accessible projects and events. To these we invite all people who wish to engage in a constructive, reflective and critical examination of our democracy. Precisely because our democracy is currently often put to the test, we would like to encourage people to participate and engage in constructive debates, even if this is not always easy.

Our events

You can register or buy a ticket for our events starting about one month before the event date. Many of our events are free of charge. For events with external artists we offer an elective price model , where visitors can choose an entrance fee between 2-10 Euro themselves. At irregular intervals, for special events with greater technical effort and external artists, such as performances, we offer events at a fixed price of a maximum of 15 euros.

Because different concerns require different offers, we offer you our topics in different formats:

Listen | Inform

Get together in an informal atmosphere and learn what experts from science, politics, art and civil society have to say about the challenges of our time.

Experience | Immerse

With formats such as exhibitions, interactions or performances, we create new spaces of perception and experience in order to make abstract topics tangible in a sensual way.

Get started | Tackle

Here you become active yourself. In these offerings, the focus is on working together on a topic.

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