Zarda Festival by Cafi Chanta 2024
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Zarda Festival by Cafi Chanta 2024

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One festival, three days, two locations and over 30 musicians, DJs and performers!!!

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The Zarda Festival is a three-day event from July 4 to 6 at Import Export and Zirka in Munich. Deeply rooted in Tunisian culture and celebrated for centuries, "El Zarda" is a vibrant gathering that celebrates the end of the harvest season and attracts people from various regions. In Munich, this festival will provide a platform for cultural exchange and creative collaboration between local artists and international talents from Tunisia, Berlin, Paris, and Belgium.

Zarda will provide a space to celebrate the richness and diversity of culture through a multidisciplinary program that includes music, dance, visual arts, workshops, and culinary experiences. The festival is supported by the City of Munich - Department of Arts and Culture and the districts of Schwabing West and Neuhausen. It is particularly noteworthy that talented musicians from Tunisia, Belgium, Paris, and Berlin have been invited, who have managed to create a modern interpretation of the musical heritage.


Day 1 (July 4): Get to know your artists (Import Export)

The first day focuses on networking. In a relaxed atmosphere, the opportunity will be given to meet the artists personally.


Electroniq Maqams:

A musical journey through the soundscapes of the Medina of Tunis, created by Aly Mrabet, Nacim Gastli, and Selim Arjoun. The performance combines electronic sounds with traditional melodies and offers a subjective interpretation of modern-day Tunis. Electronic machines, keyboards, and piano blend with recorded soundscapes to create an urban poetic experience.


Benboo by Bouthaina Nabouli & Benjemy:

A duo consisting of Bouthaina Nabouli and Benjemy, combines classical Arabic music with modern electronic rhythms. Their music is a fusion of traditional Arabic songs and contemporary beats, creating a festive and at the same time profound soundscape.


Süperfly aka Tuncay Acar:

An eclectic mix of oriental and western sounds that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. Süperfly's sets encompass a wide range of genres, including Kurdish Halay, Arabic Psychedelia, and Hip-Hop mashups.


Day 2 (July 5): Performances (Zirka)

A day full of impressive performances, followed by an afterparty.


Rochdi Belgasmi:

A renowned Tunisian dancer and choreographer who combines traditional North African dances with modern elements. His work "Zoufri" (2013) is an interactive show that revives the traditional urban dance of Tunisian workers, known as "Rboukh."


Dali Chebil:

A versatile Tunisian musician who blends traditional sounds with contemporary influences. Chebil has had an impressive career and is known for his collaborations with renowned artists such as Lotfi Bouchnak and Marcel Khalifa.


Sinouj Project:

A project that combines Sufi and Chaabi music with electronic elements, bringing traditional sounds into the modern era. The show provides new visual materials for the Sufi ritual by integrating 3D projections and VJing.


Aly Mrabet:

A DJ and producer who combines various music styles from House to Afro and Acid. Mrabet creates a unique atmosphere that merges traditional Tunisian sounds with modern beats.


Day 3 (July 6): Workshops and Performances (Import Export)

Workshops and performances by renowned artists that will

captivate the audience.


Workshops : Dabke, Yoga, Pottery, and a children's workshop. The workshops will start at 3:30 PM and will have limited numbers. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Tattoo Art by Hudda Salama


Ghalia Benali:

A Tunisian-Belgian artist who bridges various musical styles and cultures. Her music pays homage to traditional Arabic music with modern influences. Often referred to as the "Ambassador of Arab Culture," Benali is renowned for her ability to preserve the old while creating the new. The New York Times dubbed her "Carthage's Aretha Franklin," and she has received numerous international accolades. Her concerts are an immersive experience, diving deep into the rich musical traditions of the Arab world while incorporating modern elements.


Jisr Music:

A Munich-based collective that fuses Arabic Maqam music, Gnawa polyrhythms, and World Spiritual Jazz. Led by Mohcine Ramdan, the group sets new standards in integrating diasporic music in Europe by combining the musical traditions of the Middle East and North Africa with Western influences, thus creating a bridge between cultures.


Sara & the Boys:

A Munich-based band that presents music from the SWANA region (Southwest Asia and North Africa). Their music is a vibrant mix of various styles, reflecting the cultural diversity of the region.


Hazem B:

A DJ whose music fuses traditional North African melodies with Afrohouse. Hazem B's music invites dance and cultural exchange.



An Egyptian DJ who brings various Arabic music styles to the dance floor. Soly's sets mix nostalgic hits from the 80s and 90s with modern Arabic pop tracks. The Zarda Festival offers a unique opportunity to experience the cultural diversity and creativity of the SWANA region up close.

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July 4th,5th and 6th 2024

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