Kat Frankie
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Kat Frankie

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Joan Didion - Kat Frankie

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After a sold-out Elbphilharmonie concert hall and an acclaimed tour with the a cappella project B O D I E S at the beginning of 2020, Kat Frankie is now getting back to basics: guitars, drums, keys. Her upcoming album harks back to the art rock of the 90s, with a good dose of bombast.

Kat Frankie is a fascinating artist who has thrilled the music scene with her unique voice and exceptional songwriting. She is known for her haunting lyrics and her versatile musical spectrum, which ranges from indie pop to electronic sounds. With her charismatic stage presence and creative energy, she never fails to wow her audience. Her music is a captivating mix of melancholy and joie de vivre that captivates everyone, which can be heard in the songs "Bad Behavior" or "People", for example. Kat Frankie is undoubtedly an artist you should experience live!

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