Tequila \u0026 the Sunrise Gang
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Tequila & the Sunrise Gang

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Campfire Light - Tequila & The Sunrise Gang

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In the artist's words:

Those who think in pigeonholes really don't have it easy with Tequila & the Sunrise Gang. The broad instrumentation, including a three-piece horn section, gives the seven guys from Kiel a dynamic like hardly any other band. The flying changes between driving ska-punk-offbeat à la Less Than Jake and hymn-like sing-a-long choruses, as known from Rancid, run almost effortlessly and the countless hook-lines drill deep into the ear to nestle there for a long time.

"Super gambled, good compositions! I'm sure that this will really rock at festivals," says Ingo Donot about the new album HOME (2020) - and that's exactly what Tequila & the Sunrise Gang regularly prove at their energetic and rousing live shows. At the end of 2021 they will also be the official German support for Less Than Jake.

If you like danceable ska-punk with a clear attitude and catchy tunes, this is the band for you. Tequila & the Sunrise Gang are ready to shake their listeners with their engaging energy from the first second and not let go until the end.

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