Menschen und Monster
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Menschen und Monster

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People and monsters

Menschen und Monster is the TrueCrime podcast by sisters Maren and Stefanie, which has been published weekly since the beginning of 2020. They are going on their first live tour in 2024. What turns people into murderers? Under what circumstances can someone become a monster? Maren and Stefanie talk about true crimes and their backgrounds every Wednesday in "Menschen und Monster". Most of the cases are from Germany, but there will also be international episodes. Maren and Stefanie always involve the local audience in their exclusive live case.

Frequently asked questions about humans and monsters

1. how long has the true crime podcast Menschen und Monster been around?

The podcast Humans and Monsters has been around since 2020.

2. when are the podcast episodes released?

Every Wednesday there is a new episode of Humans and Monsters on Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Podtail.

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