We are big fans of Asian cuisine and like to make our own delicacies such as bao, gyoza or pho. Shopping in an authentic Asian supermarket is of course a must - provided you know where there are good markets in Munich. We can recommend these 7. 🍚🥬 🥢🍜🛒

Asia Market in the Tegernseer Landstraße - Giesing

© Asia Market Tegernseer Landstraße

The Asia Markt on Tegernseer Landstraße in Obergiesing is a real gem. Every inch of the store is filled with specialties from China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand. And the sauce department also has a lot to offer. There is also a small cold room in the middle of the Asian market where you can buy fresh herbs such as Thai basil or coriander.

If you want to stock up on bamboo steamers, chopsticks or Asian tableware, you'll find what you're looking for right at the back. As you can see, plan some time for your visit, because browsing here is a lot of fun.

📍: Tegernseer Landstraße 125

i.Shop in Prinzregentenstraße - Bogenhausen

© i.Shop Prinzregentenstraße

At first glance, the i.Shop in Bogenhausen looks like a huge supermarket, but it is actually an Asian delicatessen. The "i" in i.Shop stands for international and the name says it all. The products come mainly from countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos and India. However, you can also find goods from South America and African countries in the i.Shop. 🌎 In addition to a large selection of trendy South Korean products, snacks and food from Mexico are currently absolute bestsellers. 🌮🥤

The range already includes over 10,000 items and is constantly being expanded with new products. Another plus point: you can enjoy a relaxed shopping experience as there are shopping carts. 🛒✨

📍 Prinzregentenstraße 120

Orient Shop in Rosenheimer Straße - Haidhausen

© Orients Shop Rosenheimer Straße

The Orient Shop in Munich is a true institution. It has been impressing customers with its diverse selection of high-quality and fresh products since 1987. The friendly and competent team offers personal advice and inspires with creative cooking ideas. 👨‍🍳🍜 Here you can find everything your heart desires, from spices and sauces to rice, pasta and frozen goods.

The selection of fresh vegetables such as pak choi, coriander and sprouts is particularly impressive. 🥬🌿 The store also scores highly with its well-stocked shelves and plenty of space. ✨

📍 Rosenheimerstrasse 30

Van Hoi market in Hohenzollernstraße - Schwabing

© Symbolic image by Samuel Branch via unsplash

The Van Hoi Markt on Hohenzollernstraße is a finely assorted gem. ✨ The lanterns in the shop window and the maneki-nekos (Japanese waving cats) literally draw you into the store.🏮 You'll also find what you're looking for, because the range at Van Hoi is really great. Our tip: locally produced tofu and tempeh at good prices!

Big plus point: you can find really beautiful Asian tableware here. So if you're missing a few delicately patterned bowls or want to pimp your tea ceremony - go there!

📍 Hohenzollernstraße 128

MeKong in Müllerstraße - Glockenbach

© Symbolic image by Lachlan Rennie via unsplash

You have probably noticed the Mekong Market at least once subconsciously. Opposite the Sparkasse bank, you'll find a small, but fine realm of Asian ingredients. Still looking for rice paper for your summer rolls? Wasabi to give your food the right spiciness? 🌶️🔥 Or would you like to try cooking these dishes after your Asian vacation? 🍜 The Mekong Market has all this and more for you. You'll find everything you need for basic Asian cooking here. 🍚🍣

📍 Müllerstraße 34

Shanghai Market in the OEZ - Moosach & in Herzogstraße - Schwabing

© Shanhai market in the OEZ

A good place to go for Asian food on Münchner Freiheit is the Shanghai Markt in Herzogstraße. The small, winding store with its full shelves and many boxes makes you feel like you're on a short trip to Asia. ✈️Lädt invites you to browse and discover new things, and if you ever get lost, the friendly staff on site will be happy to help. Our tip: don't forget to check the refrigerated section and the rice corner. 🍚


The second Shanghai Markt store is located in the OEZ and boasts a beautifully designed store and a well-stocked, clearly arranged range. Here you will find everything you need for an Asian evening, including snacks. What you should definitely try here? The wide selection of Asian drinks and snacks such as Jelly Straw, Ramune, Mogu Mogu and of course Mochis! 🥤🍡


My-Asia-Shop in Gleichmannstraße in Pasing

© My-Asia-Shop

Although the My Asia store in Pasing looks rather small from the outside, the range on offer is immense. In the clean and tidy store, you will not only find food from all Asian countries, including a fresh vegetable section, but also a wide range of non-food goods. From Japanese and Chinese tableware to smoked meats and a large selection of Korean cosmetics, you'll find everything to make your Asian heart beat faster. 🧴

Especially great: there is a flower corner with both Western flowers and Asian flowers such as cymbidium, water lily and orchids. The flowers are not only sold individually, but can also be tied into bouquets on request. 🌺 💐 With a bit of luck, you'll also find great ikebana arrangements based on traditional Japanese floral art.

📍 Gleichmannstraße 1

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