⭐🎄 It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! You've blinked once and it's that time again - Christmas and the 2022 Christmas preparations are just around the corner. What am I giving this time? Who did I pick at Secret Santa? Does my brother really need his 5th pair of socks? How crowded will the city center in Dortmund be or should I conjure up my own creative Christmas presents this year?

Always take it easy! Rausgegangen is not only your friend when it comes to events, but also turns out to be a special kind of Christmas buddy. We've put together our favorite Christmas gift ideas for you. This year, the gift ideas listed also include a few more unusual tips that make it possible to give the gift of cultural adventures. So be curious and sit back, grab a Christmas cookie and go on a Christmas shopping tour à la Rausgegangen. You are welcome!

Sustainable giving - with Kerbholz

Design that connects you and your loved ones with nature. That's what Kerbholz has to offer. Kerbholz manufactures sustainable watches, jewelry and home items. Without endangered types of wood or long transportation routes, but rather resource-saving and regional. The cool thing is that each product is unique due to the natural grain of the material. Timeless & minimalist is on the agenda here! You are sure to find something to suit every taste in the various categories in the store! The Kerbholz watches are made of wood, stainless steel and have vegan watch straps. If you want something a little bigger, then there's the Flip Clokk, for example, to make your loved ones happy! A flip clock with a minimalist design that conceals sophisticated technology. Btw: At Kerbholz you have the choice between walnut or oak wood - which suits you better? And for jewelry lovers: Kerbholz has a large selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. The jewelry is made of stainless steel and wooden elements and is therefore durable and unique. So, what will it be? A classic watch, earrings or decoration?

FOR WHOM? For all your loved ones!

HOW MUCH? From approx. 30€

Try out a new hobby with confetti

Ready for something new? Time for confetti! Here you can find over 500 different courses in your area. Pottery course, macramé workshop or cheese tastings? We want it all! Browse through the wide range of courses and give the gift of time together. You might even discover a new hobby.

🎄 FOR WHOM? Hobby seekers or anyone who wants to try something new

💰 HOW MUCH? Different

For everyone who cares about the environment at Christmas

A gift expresses appreciation, so the packaging shouldn't be made for the garbage can either! How can it be that most gift packaging is still disposable? This is no longer in keeping with the times and Goodgive has developed a simple solution to this problem: Goodgive is revolutionizing gift packaging. Away from disposable products and towards long-lasting companions. This means no unnecessary waste when giving gifts. The fabric packaging gives gifts a classic look and the packaging can be used again and again. It is also available in different colors and shapes. If wrapping presents always increases your stress levels just before Christmas, then you've come to the right place - manufactured and sewn under fair conditions in Germany using sustainable materials. NICE!

🎄 FOR WHOM? For everyone who wants to avoid packaging waste and who cares about the environment at Christmas.

💰 HOW MUCH? from €4.90

Cultural vouchers for the theater in Dortmund

You know us - we are culture lovers, but a visit to the theater is not just for die-hard culture fans! How about a culture voucher for your family & friends this year? There's something for everyone at Dortmund's theater. With its Opera House, Playhouse, Studio, Children's and Youth Theatre and Young Opera, Dortmund Theatre offers venues that set artistic accents with their program far beyond the city's borders. Fans of classical and modern drama will find just as much to enjoy here as lovers of opera, operetta, children's opera, musicals, concerts and ballet.

🎄 FOR WHOM? For all those who can't get enough of cultural experiences or want to experience something new

💰 HOW MUCH? from €15

Why not give the gift of a KOB seminar or KOBIkultur

Your sister has been wanting to try something new for ages, your best friend feels the same way - but neither of them can get their butts up? Then why don't you take matters into your own hands? With a voucher from the KOB seminars. Because there you can learn together, develop new things and broaden your horizons. The somewhat different further education center in the heart of the Unionviertel on Adlerstraße has nice further education offers for everyone and is innovative, unique and diverse. At KOBI e.V., anyone looking for something special will find what they are looking for. How about a seminar that teaches mindfulness and self-care? There are also a wide variety of yoga courses such as couple, laughter or hata yoga, African dance and Pilates. The dance and exercise classes often take place in the DEPOT rooms. By the way: KOBIkultur has not been around quite as long as the KOBI seminars, with political cabaret, readings by exciting authors, poetry and much more - they are looking for very special artists to offer a stage to less well-known actors.

🎄 FOR WHOM? For all those who celebrate culture and new experiences

💰 HOW MUCH? Very different

Voucher for absolute favorites

What began 20 years ago as a new idea is now called a concept store. Owner Matthias Hülsebus opened his store in Dortmund in 2003 - the entertainment.

No area of life is excluded when selecting the product range. Fashion, living, outdoor, books and plants form the basis of her very personally managed stores in Dortmund and Düsseldorf (available over at our Friends since 2007). The decision to locate in Dortmund's Kreuzviertel and Düsseldorf's Flingern district was a very conscious one and has been rewarded. They stock their stores with selected items that they love and meet customers who do the same. We love them!

🎄 FOR WHOM? Everyone who is still looking for that one little something special

📍 Schillingstraße 27 a, 44139 Dortmund

Christmas shopping at the HEJ store in Dortmund

We fell in love with this wonderful store straight away. The creatively decorated shop window on Kleine Beurhausstraße drew us in like a magnet - we were greeted with a friendly Hej from the super-sympathetic Claudia! With her HEJ store, she has fulfilled her dream of having her own concept store and given her love of beautiful, stylish products a space. Here you will find great individual pieces, lovingly selected Scandinavian products from large and small labels. For example from ferm, designletters, menu, samsøe and samsøe or string. And it's not that easy to attract all these big brands to your own store. "You even have to apply for them," Claudia explains to us and we think it's great that these big brands are available in Claudia's store. But also the jewelry from Dortmund's pÄrle and many designers from Berlin and the rest of Germany. A wonderful mix.

🎄 FOR WHOM? Everyone who could use something nice

📍 Kleine Beurhausstr. 6, 44137 Dortmund

Festival 2023 gone out

YES! We're doing it again. 🤩 The Rausgegangen Festival is a project close to our hearts: for one day a year, we want to surprise you not only online but also offline, put a smile on your face and show you new artists and maybe even genres.

Our festival is not only about music, but also about art and culture! At the RAUSGEGANGEN FESTIVAL 2023, we will focus on togetherness, a line-up full of new music, genres and artists, significantly more workshops and generally a day with even more stages and impressions. There will be exciting program items with performances, exhibitions, theater and workshops to marvel at and try out.

MAKE FREIBAD GREAT AGAIN. After years of location hopping, we have found our dream festival location. The Waldbad in Cologne-Dünnwald - an idyllic place that we will turn into something magical. We look forward to seeing you there! 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽

🎄 FOR WHOM? All Rausgegangen fans and those who want to become fans

WHEN? 10.06.23

💰 HOW MUCH? from €29

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