Alaaf, Helau or as we say in Bavaria: Fasching. Of course, the foolish goings-on in this country cannot be compared with the Cologne carnival. But it can still be fun. If you want to give it a try, here are our tips for carnival in Munich 2020.

? Biedersteiner cellar carnival

If anyone knows how to celebrate carnival, it's the Biedersteiner. The Schwabing student hall of residence has been celebrating the carnival season since the 1960s: in 1962, the students from the then all-male hall of residence invited the girls from the hall of residence in Kaulbachstraße to a carnival ball. The party must have been a complete success, because it has been held every year since. And the invitation from the Biedersteins is not just for Munich students, but for all carnival fans out there.

✔ Dates: February 15 and 22✔ student drink prices✔ disguise is compulsory✔ traditionally, tickets are available on the days of the event from 4 pm at Biedersteinerstr. 26 (max. 2 tickets per person). It pays to be there early.

? Biedersteiner Atrium Carnival

If you don't want to party in the cellar, the Biedersteiner Atrium Carnival is the place to be. On two dates - Old Wives' Carnival and Carnival Saturday - the party has been held here since 1966. Costumes are compulsory and getting a ticket in advance is certainly not a bad idea. The Biedersteiner Atrium Carnival is also open not only to students, but to all Munich carnival-goers.

✔ Dates: February 20 and 22✔ student drink prices✔ disguise is mandatory✔ Tickets are available daily from 18:00 - 21:00 in the dormitory, Biedersteinerstraße 28, WG13 or at the street sale at the university.

? OlyLust Carnival

It's not just the students in Biederstein hall of residence who can do carnival, but also the students in Olydorf. And on four different dates! This year's motto: enchanted forest. So anything that has something to do with fairy tales is allowed.

✔ Dates: February 20, 21, 22 and 24✔ Student drink prices✔ Theme: Enchanted forest✔ Tickets are available online in advance

? Cologne Carnival Party at Ruby

If you can't make it to Cologne Carnival this year, the Ruby Club is the place to be on Carnival Thursday. The motto there is "Kölle Alaaf!" In keeping with the original Cologne tradition, the Munich club celebrates like the fools from the Rhine - or at least tries to.

✔ Date: February 20 (Old Wives' Carnival)✔ Motto: Et Hätz schleiht em Veedel (which probably means something like "The heart beats in the district")

? Bellevue Carnival Ball

"Come as you never dare to be" - best carnival motto ever? It's definitely pretty close to what Bellevue has planned for Carnival Saturday. And if your make-up skills aren't really the best, come around anyway. For a small donation, you can have your make-up done at Bellevue.

✔ Date: February 21 (Shrove Saturday)✔ Motto: Come as you never dare to be

? Babylon Berlin - Carnival at the Kongress Bar

The new season of "Babylon Berlin" feels like it's everywhere. And the Golden 20s are also experiencing a revival at the Munich carnival. The Kongress Bar invites you to a wild party night on Shrove Saturday. So dress up in a costume reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties and dance!

✔ Date: February 21 (Shrove Saturday)✔ Motto: Come as you never dare to be

? Substance Carnival goes Disney

And the Category is: Disney! Whether you want to come as Winnie the Pooh, Mulan, Spiderman or Luke Skywalker - anything is possible. And creativity is rewarded: at midnight, the best costume will be awarded with fame, honor and a bottle of sparkling wine.

✔ Date: February 24 (Rose Monday)✔ Theme: Disney✔ Costume award ceremony at midnight

? Dance of the market women at Viktualienmarkt

In good old tradition, the market women dance at the Viktualienmarkt on Shrove Tuesday. The program usually starts at around 10:00 in the morning. The Viktualienmarkt is then also the place to be for all Munich fools, who gather there to drink and party before moving on to the bars and clubs in Glockenbach later in the day.

✔ Date: February 25✔ Dress warmly✔ Always follow the music

? Kehraus in the Senatore (Shrove Tuesday)

And then carnival 2020 is almost over again. But not without a proper send-off, of course. You can celebrate this at the Senatore, for example. There is an ambitious musical program. In short: DISCO BABY! So get dressed up in your favorite costume and come around. Or end your carnival 2020 there.

✔ Date: February 25

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