Typical Hamburg bad weather again?

If you live in the north, you need to know how to deal with it. To make your search for indoor events, rainproof activities and locations in Hamburg a little easier, we have some inspiration for you. We won't leave you out in the rain! Because no rainy day, no matter how gray, can stop us from going out. 😎 Whether it's a cinema, museum, theater, planetarium, flea market, creative space and so on and so forth: here are our tips for braving the rain and at least letting the sun shine in your heart. 🌞👇

Visit the museum

The classic in bad weather - but no less bad for that. Depending on the size, you can definitely spend a few hours in the rain here and gain some really new impressions.


Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg

Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg
© MK&G
20099 Hamburg

When you visit the MK&G, you can view changing exhibitions ranging from antiquity to contemporary innovations. Before or after, you can hang out or work in the Freiraum and/or pay a visit to the Destille restaurant and the Walther König bookshop.


Hamburger Kunsthalle

Hamburger Kunsthalle
© Hamburger Kunsthalle, Außenansicht des Eingangsportals, © Hamburger Kunsthalle Foto: Ralf Suerbaum
Glockengießerwall 5
20095 Hamburg

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is huge - perfect for a rainy day! You can spend hours wandering around and marveling at the various exhibitions. Once you've done that, you can pop into the in-house Café Liebermann and the museum store. By the time you've finished, it may well have rained off.

Practice wellness

Although rain is probably a permanent issue in Hamburg, it still gets on your nerves from time to time. So self-care is the order of the day!


vabali spa Hamburg

vabali spa Hamburg
© Vabali Spa
In der Trift 1
21509 Glinde

In the huge vabali spa in Glinde (well, not quite Hamburg anymore) you can really pamper yourself and relax when the weather is bad. Bali feeling included!

Get creative

We've all been there: the sun is shining and you're spending your free time outdoors. After all, hours of sunshine have to be used. But when it rains, you have enough time to spend indoors with a clear conscience and take the opportunity to give free rein to your creative streak.



© Meg Wagener via Unsplash
Osterstraße 116
20259 Hamburg

At the Unique Mash Pop Up on Osterstraße, you can not only store in a relaxed atmosphere, but also let off steam creatively. Various events such as weaving courses, yoga brunches, screen and lino printing or knitting courses will banish the rainy blues.

the blank space

the blank space
© theblankspace
Wexstraße 28
20355 Hamburg

You can also make your own macramé decorations, practise linocutting or make dried flower wreaths in the blank space in a relaxed and dry environment. So be sure to check out the events!

To the planetarium

Coziness to the power of 1000: snuggle up in an armchair in the planetarium, put your cell phone away and relax and watch constellations or other events.


Planetarium Hamburg

Planetarium Hamburg
© Fotografenwerk Hamburg via Planetarium Hamburg
Linnering 1 (Stadtpark)
22299 Hamburg

"It's colder outside at night" - and drier! That's why you're in perfect hands in the planetarium and can even admire a clear starry sky during the day. So make yourself comfortable in your armchair and dream yourself away to distant galaxies (without the rain).

To the movies

You can snuggle up in an armchair at the cinema just as comfortably. Watch a really good movie with your full attention and go home afterwards satisfied that you made it out even in bad weather.


Savoy Filmtheater

Savoy Filmtheater
© Laura Müller
Steindamm 54
20099 Hamburg

The beautiful cinema in St. Georg offers sneak previews, cinema hits, blockbusters, classics and arthouse films - and even in the original language. You won't notice the weather in front of the screen anyway!


Astor Film Lounge HafenCity

Am Sandtorkai 46a
20457 Hamburg

We don't know whether the Astor actually invented "coziness". But this is what it feels like: with super comfy armchairs, delicious snacks AND welcome drinks, with which you can drink your way through the weather if necessary.

To the flea market

We ❤️ Flea markets. Admittedly, it's not exactly the best rainy weather activity. But no worries: we have a really good solution for you here!

Flohdom Horner Rennbahn

Flohdom Horner Rennbahn
© Mats Hagwall via Unsplash
Sa, 24.02.2024 07:00
Free admission

Flea market in the rain! No problem at Flohdom Horner Rennbahn: the huge area is covered. Here you can stroll, haggle and store for junk every Saturday, whatever the weather.

Marvel at theater (plays)

"I never go to the theater." - AND WHY NOT? It doesn't always have to be a concert, party or cornern. The latter is garbage when it's raining anyway. So get out and experience culture in the theater.


Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg

Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg
© Kathrin Trautner
Kirchenallee 39
20099 Hamburg

In the pompous Schauspielhaus, you'll soon forget what's going on outside in terms of the weather. The building alone will amaze you, let's not even start with the plays!

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Frequently asked questions about rain in Hamburg🌧

1. where can I find more indoor events for rain in Hamburg?

As you only have a small personal selection from us in this article as inspiration for you, you can find the other tips and events on the Rausgegangen page!

Also take a look at our categories Theater, Exhibitions, Spoken Word, Concerts & Music and Party - depending on your preferences, you will find events that will make you shine.

2 I need a rainy day activity for kids in Hamburg - where can I go?

There are plenty of activities in Hamburg that you can visit with children and the whole family. From children's events at the planetarium and various plays to children's flea markets. Be sure to check our category: Children and families.

3. are there also indoor sports activities for rain in Hamburg?

Well logo! How about a yoga breakfast or dance improvisation workshops? But various swimming pools at Bäderland, playing squash at the KAIFU Lodge or one of the many climbing gyms in Hamburg, for example urban apes, FLASHH or the Nordwandhalle are definitely worth a visit if you don't feel like going to the gym.

4. what do I do as a group when it rains in Hamburg?

Don't worry - we've got something for that too! How about a joint visit to the regular drawing club or street art workshop? But techno table tennis at Solar, pub quizzes, bingo or karaoke at Freundlich & Kompetent are also wonderful group activities for you and your friends.

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