The golden fall has reached Düsseldorf, and with it an almost endless variety of exciting events, festivals and activitiesWe are looking forward to pleasant temperatures and above all: culture, entertainment and lifestyle. From art exhibitions and enchanting concerts to spooky Halloween events - October in Düsseldorf promises something special for everyone. In this blog article, we take you on an exciting journey through the highlights of the month. Get ready, because October has a lot to offer in Düsseldorf!


© Seb Reivers via Unsplash
So, 01.10.2023 11:00
Free admission

It's fish market weekend! Stroll, feast and taste - and with the best view of the Rhine. Here you can find everything! From fish and seafood, to various delicacies, to flowers and handicrafts. What you definitely can't miss is the afterparty with local DJs! Simply awesome 🎉

Türen auf mit der Maus 2023 – Wertvolle Schätze

Di, 03.10.2023 10:00
Free admission

Bock auf Schätze jenseits von Gold und Glanz? Komm mit zu den Führungen im Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, wo die Geheimnisse der Theaterwelt gelüftet werden. Entdecke, wie viele Perücken in der Maske schlummern, probiere Theaterblut und finde heraus, wie sie echtes Gold für die Bühne machen.

SESSIONS - Live Performances

Mo, 02.10.2023 19:00
5,00 to 16,00 €

Endlich wieder Sessions 😭 So lange haben wir gewartet und today is the day! Erlebe die Düsseldorfer Kulturszene at it's best. Das darfst du dir nicht entgehen lassen!

Ausstellung: Vom Schutzraum zum Freiraum

So, 01.10.2023 12:00
3,00 to 4,00 €

Prepare yourself for an exhibition that will take you to the world of art and freedom. From unique architecture to fascinating artistic works, this exhibition will leave you in awe!

Drei Meister - Drei Werke

Drei Meister - Drei Werke
© Roman Novitzky
Fr, 13.10.2023 19:30
22,00 to 99,00 €

An evening could not be more multifaceted. For all who want to get to know ballet or have already found their love! 🩰 "Three Masters - Three Works" convinces with choreography, emotion and a modern mixture of rhythm, dance & light.

Beyond Fame Die Kunst der Stars

Beyond Fame Die Kunst der Stars
© Peter Doherty, I am a Stranger in my Own Skin, 2015-2016, Courtesy of janinebeangallery
So, 01.10.2023 11:00
6,00 to 9,00 €

Ready to be starstruck? The NRW Forum has brought the artwork of many exciting actors, musicians and other stars to Düsseldorf. The exhibition runs until January 2023, so there's no need to rush.

Graffiti Workshop für Mädchen und Frauen

Graffiti Workshop für Mädchen und Frauen
© Alele Studios
Fr, 06.10.2023 17:00
Free admission

Du willst in die Graffiti-Szene eintauchen, weißt aber nicht so richtig wie? Hier wird dir in einem kostenlosen 3-tägigen Workshop im Kulturzentrum gezeigt, wie das geht. Ein Safe-Space, der deine Talente fördert 💜

Düsseldorfer Schallplattenbörse

Düsseldorfer  Schallplattenbörse
So, 15.10.2023 11:00
5,00 €

Treasure hunt for music lovers - from the 50s to the latest hits. Here you'll find everything from rock and classical to techno and pop. Always worth a visit!

Richard III.

Richard III.
© Thomas Rabsch/ Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus
Sa, 14.10.2023 19:30
8,00 to 49,00 €

Welcome to Shakespeare's Game of Thrones! Fasten your seatbelts, because starting September 2, things get really Shakespearean at the Schauspielhaus. "Richard III" is on tap - with a guy named Richard who thinks he's the undisputed boss of power plays. He may be ugly, but his strategy? It's simple: spread, sow panic and turn the world upside down. We're talking drama, domination, and everything that goes with it.


So, 29.10.2023 12:00
Free admission

Schnapp dir 'nen handgemachten Veggie Burger, schlürf 'nen Drink von Nolte Bier und lass dich von DJ Kunstbanause zum tanzen bringen. – Die letzten Sonnenstrahlen genießen wir zusammen!

Tod und Teufel. Faszination des Horrors

Tod und Teufel. Faszination des Horrors
© Zombie Boy (Rick Genest), Foto: © Dmitry Smirnov
So, 01.10.2023 11:00
9,00 to 12,00 €

Grim stories and chills are, after all, somehow in our DNA. The exhibition "Fascination of Horror" shows you how art has for centuries turned to everything gruesome and shocking - from eerie demons to gloomy landscapes and terrifying film characters. Be surprised at the versatility of artists:inside who have transformed this horror into fashion, art, music and film. It's spooky time, baby! 🕷️👻

Orpheus in der Unterwelt

Do, 26.10.2023 19:30
28,00 to 109,00 €

Eurydice allows herself to be seduced by Pluton, the god of the underworld, in the form of the lovable Monsieur Aristée, and Orpheus? He is glad to get rid of her! Love, jealousy and erotic adventures - this will be a wild ride in the shadow realm!

Of course, that's not all!
You can find more events in October on our website and in the Rausgegangen app.

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