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24, "4" Group exhibition,

Vernissage: Friday, 01.12.23 6 pm

Galerie am Brüsseler Platz and Kunstnavigation present: 24, "4".A Christmas "art salon" in December at the Galerie am Brüsseler Platz.24,4 artists. 24.4 days.More than 124 works - small and medium format - at affordable prices. 24 national and international Cologne artists who have found their home in Cologne and work there, as well as 4 guest artists, in a Petersberg hanging.Photography, painting, mixed media, collages, assemblages, pop art, digital art, object art, street art, scratch art, sculptures and video installations...

On Friday, 15.12. there will be an "auction" with selected works, the proceeds will go to a socio-cultural project for 2024!

On Saturday, 16.12.2023 "Scratchart-holy-shit-special. Street art and urban art with Peter Mück. Free mini-workshops included"

Every weekend it will be Christmassy and mulled winey and as always Gaffel-Kölschig in the gallery at Brüsseler Platz with some spirits and other surprises.

A warm welcome. We look forward to seeing you and it will be very, very nice 😎.

Julia & Sven

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André Kadzikowski

Gallery at Brüsseler Platz

Address :

Gallery at Brüsseler Platz GABP

Brüsseler Platz 14

50674 Cologne

Artist : 24, 4


Maxim Probst

Agnete Sabbagh

Suat Sensoy

Florian Esser

Norberto Louis Romero

Peter Mück

Sylvia Dölz

Lukas Moll

Renate Geiter

Susanne Pareike

Krisstine Bento Monteiro

Maria Rohr

Gosia Richter

Matthias Hloucha

Katja Kempe

Oliver Maichle

Michael Schiffhorst

Lena Krashevka

Oleksii Gnievyshev

Ela Mergels

Tibor Magaslski

Odo Rumpf

Micaela Pagener

+ , "4" guest artists

Recep Vardar

Sascha Henry Bayer

Dr. Med. Sara Aytaç


Opening hours 01.12. to 24.12.2023

Monday to Saturday

16 to 21 o'clock


12 to 16 o'clock

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Galerie am Brüsseler Platz Brüsseler Platz 14 50674 Köln

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