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Alina Belyagina: Getting our Wonder Smashed

In the organizer's words:

What can grow on the ruins? By drawing the audience into the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of decay and infernality, but also of playfulness, vulnerability and hope, "Getting our Wonder Smashed" creates a space with its own laws of attraction and transformation, where everything is suspended, but anything can happen. Using choreographic cues to set things in motion, Alina Belyagina and her collaborators defy the logic of staged dance and create a performative landscape with multiple possibilities. The sound in it leads its own life, but also reacts to the dancers' movements, voices become entangled, are caught and released, materials and physical objects have their own choreographic effect. The movement slowly creates space for communication: but what kind of messages can it convey? Secrets and spells, epic celebrations, family paintings merge with state monuments, dark vitality, evil twins and suspended moments: What else can emerge from the state of nostalgia and post-apocalyptic freedom? Are our pleasures inevitably exhausted? Or can we find meaning and a way forward in this chaos?

Choreography: Alina Belyagina | Performance: Alexandra Korniejenko, Saige Danyluk, Asya Ashman, Vlad Kistner, Eléonore Barbara Bovet.

In cooperation with Schloss Wiepersdorf, Kunstenwerkplaats Brussels, Tanztendenz München, SILK Fluegge KLIScope Verein zur Förderung von urbanem und zeitgenössischem Tanz und Kunst, Schwere Reiter
Supported by the Cultural Department of the City of Munich and the BLZT, Bavarian State Association for Contemporary Dance.

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Schwere Reiter – Tanz Theater Musik Dachauer Straße 114a 80636 München

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