Alles überall auf einmal. Wie künstliche Intelligenz unsere Welt verändert. Mit Miriam Meckel und Léa Steinacker

In the organizer's words:

We are experiencing the "iPhone moment" of artificial intelligence, the technology is available to everyone for the first time. This means we are at a decisive threshold in our cultural evolution. Everything is undergoing a comprehensive transformation. In Everything everywhere at once, Miriam Meckel and Léa Steinacker show the opportunities that crossing this threshold holds. We don't have to fear being abolished as humans, because: Everything AI does goes back to the way we interact with it. However, this also means that we are now faced with the task of steering its development in the right direction. But how can we do this, and where do risks, undesirable side effects and ethical dilemmas lurk - whether in the world of work, in the economy, in human relationships or in everyday life? What will the world of tomorrow look like, how can we find our way around it and make the right decisions? This book shows the way. Mod.: Daniel Rettig

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Flora Köln Am Botanischen Garten 1a Köln

Organizer | Festival

lit.COLOGNE Maria-Hilf-Straße 15-17 50677 Köln

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