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Antje Schomaker - Snacks Tour 2024

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In the organizer's words:

Antje Schomaker doesn't have to do anything. So that's
clear at first. But she wants a lot, basically
everything, and on the way she always ends up
herself again and again - and in the charts.
With a mixture of talent, energy, humor
and a secret fourth thing (maybe she'll
write a song about it or maybe even
maybe even name an album after it).

After it was not possible for her for a year for structural
structural reasons, it was not possible for her to
she is back: Antje Schomaker's second
Schomaker's second album "Snacks" will be released on
on 06 October. In addition, Antje will go on a big "Snacks Tour" in spring 2024.

"Snacks" combines smart and sophisticated lyrics, but at the same time is so danceable,
that listening to it is sure to heal one or two wounds left behind by the
coming of age has left behind.
And that's exactly what's unique about Antje Schomaker: the unwavering forwardness in her music, the clear
music, the clear boundaries against all those who want to see her smaller than she is and the
and the unconditional yes to her own attitude, voice and vision. And clearly
she refuses the soulless German hit machinery. But it does not prevent her
from producing a steady stream of them - just in her own way.
own way. With the right people, in her own rhythm, for her own story.
own story. And that makes her perhaps Germany's most genuine pop star.

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Uebel und Gefährlich Feldstraße 66 20359 Hamburg

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