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Arche Noah

In the organizer's words:

In the basement of the museum building, after the exhibition "Treasures from the Mineral Kingdom - The Schwethelm Collection", you come to a swaying ship's hull.

While a Norway rat tries to climb onto the deck using a rope, a number of animals (domestic goats, wild rabbits and dingoes) can be seen in cages on the left, which are denied access to the ark. A young girl quickly tries to pull a bison calf off the boat.

Take a look at the passengers on the ark at your leisure. They are animals from all over the world - according to an old utopia, predators peacefully alongside their prey. If you would like to know more about the occupants of the ark, our audio guide will tell you about their origins, all sorts of interesting facts about their biology and behavior and, of course, about the problems of the individual species in our modern world.

The treasure trove on the left has been filled by customs. With all the souvenirs from vacationers who unintentionally contribute to the extinction of species: furs, snakeskin shoes, turtle shells, carved ivory, rhinoceros horn and elephant feet.

Noah's Ark is the symbol for the preservation of biodiversity. It illustrates man's responsibility for the preservation of life on earth. Beyond the economic and political problems of the day, mankind must ensure the continuation of life on earth. They cannot afford to fail for the entirely selfish reason of preserving their own species.

Let yourself be whisked away into a real ship's hull, with excellent specimens and modern exhibition technology. You will get an impression of the abundance of species and forms of life, but also of the vulnerability of ecosystems.

Just like in reality, some details can only be seen at second glance.

Our insider tip: Under the ship's bridge, the ship's rat Rainer tells young visitors the story of Noah's Ark: "How it really was!". But adults are also said to have had a great time...

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Naturkundemuseum Erfurt Große Arche 14 99084 Erfurt

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