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In the organizer's words:

with lyrics by May Ayim and Julienne De Muirier

"having grown up in germany, i am on my way," May Ayim wrote in 1983, "away from: being of skin color, being of nationality, / being of religion, being of party, / being big, being small, being intelligent, being stupid, / being or not being / on the way to me / on the way to you." The poet, educator, and activist was a defining voice of the Initiative Black People in Germany (ISD), which began fighting for equality in the 1980s. In close exchange with African-American feminist Audre Lorde, she coined the term "Afro-German" to illustrate that an African and a German identity are not mutually exclusive. In the two volumes of poetry published before her untimely death, May Ayim finds a concise, poetic language in which to process her experiences of racism and incomprehension as well as her childhood and her longing for love, her joy and her sadness. She plays with sounds, spellings and letters and yet always finds very clear words for what needs to change in Germany.

Director Miriam Ibrahim, together with author Julienne De Muirier, is developing the play "blues in black and white," which combines Ayim's poems, letters and essays with their reverberations in the present.

"Intersectional racism is part of all of our socialization, yet it affects and shapes us differently-as individuals or in communities. May Ayim's writing and poetry made me feel like I am not alone in these issues, but part of a collective of non-white people in Germany. She describes the finely woven web of different experiences, power relations, and processes that an Afro-German encounters in different living spaces, evoking emotions and hurt. She opened a window of a Black perspective in Germany very early on, paving the way for many others to speak up and share their experiences and insights. As empowerment or as resistance." Miriam Ibrahim

Artistic direction

Production and music Miriam Ibrahim
Stage Nicole Marianna Wytyczak
Costumes Veronika Utta Schneider
Collaboration costumes Marina Minst
Video Amon Ritz
Lighting Markus Schadel
Dramaturgy Katrin Michaels
Research and scientific advice Dr. Dr. Daniele G. Daude

Content note

"blues in black and white" tells, among other things, about the physical, health and psychological effects of structural racism in everyday life.

Strobe lights and loud music are also used in this production.

Those affected by right-wing and racist violence and discrimination can find advice and support at BEFORE in Munich.

The Federal Network on Health and Racism provides information and networking on the topics of racism and mental health.

This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

from 8 € for students


Marstall Marstallplatz 4 80539 München

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