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Bruno "Günna" Knust - Born to be vorn

In the organizer's words:

The long-running hit "Born to be vorn" has been firing up the laughter muscles in the Ruhr area since the end of the coronavirus lockdown and, thanks to Günna's spontaneity, always remains topical.

Günna's compass knows only one direction: ahead instead of just in. In "Born to be vorn", the Dortmund plain-speaking representative shows how best to stay the course: surround yourself with cheerful contemporaries and make time for your friends, otherwise time will take your friends away from you. As we all know, a friend is someone who likes you even though they know you inside out. To paraphrase Günna's Ruhrpott math: "If I have one beer and you have two - give me one and I'll have two!"

But the world situation is complicated. Everything seems to be broken. Building sites everywhere and signs with the man with the shovel on them on every corner - but you can't see the man with the shovel anywhere. This raises the question for Günna: Is there a secret break room somewhere? And how do I get there? There are often too many doubters and too few hopefuls along the way. Fortunately, you're never alone, because everyone knows everyone in the Pott anyway. You also have your inner voices for entertainment...

Life is just like soccer. To be at the top, you need a sense of achievement. And even if you don't score, a real Ruhrpöttler is always at full throttle. Without any waffling tactics, but with a lot of emotion - and of course Günna delivers this with the help of his pointed gag fireworks on this evening.

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Price information:

Persons with disabilities, as well as elderly, weak guests have the opportunity to take their seats with an accompanying person approx. 5 min. before the regular admission (please report on site at the box office). The foyer and the bar open one hour before the performance. Barrier-free access via the parking lot, disabled WC available. Current information


Theater Olpketal Olpketalstraße 90 44229 Dortmund

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