PHOTO: © Olli Haas

C. Heiland: Wahre Schönheit kommt von außen

In the organizer's words:

The savior is coming with his new program. It will be more furious than ever. He will be accompanied by... himself; once again on his omnichord, of course, because the thing just won't give up the ghost.

This time it's all about inner beauty, outer beauty, love and sausage salad.

Nowadays, people inject silicone sealant under their skin in order to have supposedly more beautiful lips... and that in times of microplastics. C. Heiland thinks: "You can get much easier beguiling lips by saying a few nice words every day."

Get your tickets now for Heiland's most honest, most beautiful and probably most erotic program. We're all not getting any younger, so outward appearances are no longer merely secondary.

C. Heiland finally clarifies the question of whether true beauty really comes from within, and if so, why it has been lying around lazily for so long.

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Price information:

from 23 €


BKA Theater Mehringdamm 34 10961 Berlin

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