PHOTO: © Phil Dera

Careening Weave – A Dance of Five Fates

Theater Tanz Performance
In the organizer's words:
"Careening Weave - A Dance of Five Fates" explores the encounter between soundscapes, classical music, especially J. S. Bach's "French Suites," and contemporary choreography. Along a series of episodic fragments, an energetic performance unfolds. In dialogue with the music, five dancers intertwine in unpredictable yet structured ways. Their movement language develops a narrative of formative moments and reflects the emotional content of the music. In the special combination of music, dance and space, patterns of behavior emerge that stir and touch us. As a sequence of fleeting moments and dynamic events, "Careening Weave - A Dance of Five Fates" expresses the simplicity yet complexity of human existence.

Part of laborgras' "Early Music & Contemporary Dance" work cycle, "Careening Weave - A Dance of Five Fates" is created as a co-choreographic collaboration between Renate Graziadei (laborgras) and David Hernandez (DH+), who share an intense 23-year artistic past. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

20 Euro, reduced 12 Euro


Radialsystem Holzmarktstr. 33 10243 Berlin