Chronik eines Lebens: Stationen und Brüche bei Tergit

In the organizer's words:

Gabriele Tergit on her 130th birthday
Book presentation, talk, book premiere

Nicole Henneberg "Gabriele Tergit. Gifted for friendship. Biography"
In conversation with Liane Schüller

The Berliner Elise Reifenberg, better known as Gabriele Tergit, was the first female court reporter of the Weimar Republic, novelist, political journalist, exile and secretary of the London PEN Center. After an attack by "Sturm 33", she fled from Berlin to Czechoslovakia in the spring of 1933, six months later to Palestine and in 1938 to England. While Tergit is celebrated today as an important rediscovered author, she was largely denied literary success during her lifetime. In conversation with Nicole Henneberg, who has written a new biography of Gabriele Tergit based on hundreds of analyzed letters, the focus will be on the stages of this impressive writer's life.

In cooperation with Schöffling & Co.
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Literaturforum im Brecht-Haus Chausseestraße 125 10115 Berlin

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