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The magic of Cirque du Soleil

returns to Germany in fall 2024

"Corteo", the celebrated Cirque du Soleil production, is returning to our arenas with its magic. The unique, cheerful procession of clowns and acrobats, staged by Daniele Finzi Pasca, is coming to Leipzig, Mannheim, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Bremen in the fall of 2024. A special feature is a revolving stage that divides the audience into two opposing areas, allowing the audience to experience the performance from the perspective of the artists, a first for Cirque du Soleil.

Corteo, originally conceived as a tent show, is considered one of Cirque du Soleil's outstanding successes with audiences. Since its premiere, the show has thrilled more than eight million spectators in 19 countries on four continents. Corteo, which means "procession" in Italian, refers to a joyful procession, a festive parade that takes place in the imagination of a clown. The show combines the passion of the actor with the grace and power of the acrobat. The audience enters an imaginary world full of fun and spontaneity in a magical place between heaven and earth.

The clown experiences the end of his time on earth in a carnival-like atmosphere, while compassionate angels watch over everything. Corteo juxtaposes the big with the small, the ridiculous with the tragic and the magic of perfection with the charm of imperfection. This emphasizes both the strength and fragility of the clown. His wisdom and kindness symbolize the humanity that lives in all of us. The music, alternately lyrical and playful, carries Corteo through a timeless celebration in which illusion teases reality.

The stage concept transports the audience into a theatrical atmosphere never before seen in this form at Cirque du Soleil arena shows. The curtains, inspired by the Eiffel Tower, were hand-painted and give the stage a grandiose appearance. The buildings give the whole thing a poetic setting. A total of 51 acrobats, musicians, singers and actors from all over the world perform at Corteo.

About the Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group:
The Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group is a world leader in live entertainment. The company not only produces world-famous circus arts shows, but also brings its creative approach to a variety of entertainment forms, such as multimedia productions, immersive experiences and special events. Beyond its various productions, Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group aims to make a positive impact on people, communities and the planet through its main tools - creativity and art. Since its founding in 1984, more than 378 million people on 6 continents and 86 countries have been inspired. Today, the Canadian company employs more than 4,000 people, including 1,200 artists from 80 different nationalities.

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