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CUP Weihnachts-Fotoshooting

Active & Creative Weihnachten Fotoshooting CUPdigital CUPVeranstaltung Greenscreen Weihnachtskarte FestlicheStimmung
In the organizer's words:

🌟O n December 6, we are organizing something very special - your CUP Christmas photo shoot! 🎄😊 Here you can create your perfect Christmas photo with our support . 📸 Turn yourChristmasgreetings into something very special.

Photo magic in front of the green screen: Have you ever wondered how the cool backgrounds in photos are created? We'll show you!Let our professionals explain the secrets of this method toyou.

When: December 06, 15:00 - 17:00

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Who: All Munich residents

Where: CUP-Café, ground floor, Orleanstrasse 2, 81669 Munich

How much? Free of charge!

We look forward to seeing you! 🎄😊

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CUP Café Orleansstraße 2 81669 München

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