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Danny Dziuk Trio

You cannot miss this event.
In the organizer's words:

If any German-language songwriter comes close to icons like Bob Dylan or Randy Newman, it's Danny Dziuk. Patrick Bahners even located the "great from the background" in the FAZ "in the footsteps of Shakespeare"; the great Wiglaf Droste, who died in 2019, attested to him "mastering the arts, having his finger on the pulse of the times, moving in his own time and creating something timeless in the process"; and Wolfgang Niedecken considers him "misunderstood" or a "fantastic lyricist and great singer, whom I would grudge much more success."

His new album, entitled "Unterm Radar," deals with friendships, Rio Reiser, Israel boycotters, underexposed trolls, and a seven-year-old who plausibly explains to her mother in a children's hospital ward why she finds the clowns installed there for the children's entertainment creepy. And also with the fact that it doesn't feel so bad to still be an insider tip despite numerous awards and successful collaborations with people like Stoppok, Annett Louisan or Axel Prahl: it always depends for whom...

...and so he continues to be a regular irregular guest at the subrosa. "When two fit together..." (Danny Dziuk)

Tonight, alive on stage...downstairs, at the harbor:

the DANNY DZIUK (piano, guitar, banter) TRIO with

the allies Krazy (2nd voice, percussions)

+ Karl Neukauf (guitar, keyboards, percussions)

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subrosa Gneisenaustr.56 44147 Dortmund

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