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In the location's words:

Hamburg's southernmost harbor bar welcomes all buccaneers & landlubbers on board!

Captain Simon & his crew are happy to take you on a cozy tiki-tucker tour through this casual microcosm of imperfectionism: from DI-SA it's THE BAR IS OPEN, from 19h - makin' love w/ music, milk 'n' alcohol !?. Well, to each little animal its little place. The Nordstadt-Pirates prefer to go on the high seas and experience adventurous songsandstories LIVE on stage with the PUBlikum, whether at one of the oldest POETRY Slams (here: JAM) of the republic, in the always admission-free Friday Night Music Club #FNMC or at one of the other shows and concerts in the "flagship of the Dortmund underground music scene" - established 1993. Yo, already so old and still so fresh and on the pulse of time. But the Kult(ur)-Spelunke doesn't dictate everything, it also lets you do it - whether in the course of changing guest DJ events or RENT-A-BAR, whether on the OPEN STAGE at the Talentschuppen or...yes, please: what's your idea? Just send a quick message to the captain!

The bar offers various beer specialties on tap as well as from the buddle, yes, rum latürnich, and Jack 'n' Gin and long drinks and short shots, gladly' homemade - as well as the mostly vegan offer from the galley.

Cheers, bon appétit & a pleasant stay on board!


PS. What others think:

"You have 'nen really nice place here (...) if I lived here, I would also come privately." (Christian Brückner, the German voice of Robert de Niro, after his performance).

"The most beautiful living room far and wide" (coolibri-cityguide 2006/007) or "The greatest harbor tavern south of Hamburg" (bodo 2018) "is and remains the number one of Dortmund's trendy pubs." (Last Junkies On Earth 2018).

"The nordstadt's favorite scene bar (...) a must for students and let-it-all-hang-out furnishings." (easyJet in-flight magazine)

"The perfect mix of sceney St.Pauli bar and nice student domicile (...) offers all kinds of possibilities." (inDOpendent)

"You could even make love here." (Jürgen Drews)

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Dienstag: ab 19:00
Mittwoch: ab 19:00
Donnerstag: ab 19:00
Freitag: ab 19:00
Samstag: ab 19:00
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