PHOTO: © Sebastian Hoppe / Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

Das Pommes-Paradies

In the organizer's words:

Play and spoken word about child poverty in a rich city - by Akın Emanuel Şipal from the age of 10 - premiere on April 13, 2024 - Münsterstraße 446, stage - Junges Schauspiel

The French fries paradise is in Belgium, says Johanna, who meets Emin in the supermarket at night as he's stuffing his pockets. Wait, at night in the supermarket?

The everyday rhythm of the beeping of the goods scanner, coughing and clearing of the throat puts the cashier and customer into a trance. Until it's the turn of the boy and his mother. She counts out coins, but it's just not enough. The woman is insulted and told not to hold everyone up. Furious, Emin decides to lock himself in at night.

He is amazed when he discovers that the supermarket has a life of its own at night. There's the night cashier who demands good stories instead of money, and the hectic supermarket manager who wants to launch the latest energy drink "Sugar 3000". And the broccoli is fighting with the potato chips over who is more popular with people. Meanwhile, the moth eats what it likes. Because what is a "product" and what does "belong" mean? If you're hungry, you take what's there, right?

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Junges Schauspiel — D’haus Münsterstraße 446 40470 Düsseldorf