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Der Raub der Sabinerinnen

In the organizer's words:

In his youth, high school professor Martin Gollwitz wrote a play that has been languishing in a drawer ever since: The Roman tragedy "The Rape of the Sabines" is loved at best by Gollwitzʼs maid Rosa; he himself is now embarrassed by the pathetic play. A youthful sin, nothing more. Or perhaps it was? Suddenly, the text and Professor Gollwitz come into focus, as the busy theater director Striese and his troupe make guest appearances in the city and search for material that will inspire the audience. In doing so, he reaches into his theater management bag of tricks: Celebrities always work, he tells himself - and tries to get plays by well-known personalities onto the repertoire. He throws himself into it, cajoles the hesitant professor, whose wife, who really doesn't know anything about theater and has just left for a cure, into allowing him to perform this "wonderful play" and promises a grandiose production. A promise he can't quite keep - confusion, arguments and casting difficulties ensue, throwing both Striese and Gollwitz's family life into turmoil. While the performance threatens to turn into an embarrassment, Mrs. Striese has a saving idea and manages to turn things around.

by Paul and Franz Schönthan / Director: Christina Tscharyiski

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Schauspiel Frankfurt Neue Mainzer Straße 17 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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Schauspiel Frankfurt
Schauspiel Frankfurt Neue Mainzer Straße 17 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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