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Die acht Millionäre

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In the organizer's words:
The eight millionaires

Crime comedy by Robert Thomas

The late Duke Valorin-Grandterre has designated his son Jacques as the main heir in his will, but with the addition that the millions will be distributed among his numerous illegitimate descendants should Jacques die childless. Jacques, single and without children, is in the greatest danger: he receives threatening letters and anonymous phone calls, the brakes on his car are tampered with, and nightly attacks are made on him.... Even the rumor of a secret love cannot save him from the deadly arrow.

The news of his death spreads like wildfire, and that same night the other millionaire heirs arrive at the country estate. From now on, there is discussion and intrigue. Everyone seems to have a motive, everyone suspects the other of having committed the murder. Even the dead man's notary has to prove an alibi when it turns out that he, too, is one of the Duke's extramarital missteps.

A murder mystery begins. The notary is shot while making a phone call, the loudmouthed Paul is poisoned, the old-fashioned Marie-Hélène is killed by a balcony vase in the garden, and another heir is found murdered in his castle. Tonio, the only one who cannot prove an alibi, is temporarily arrested. The vicar Coret, just at a church congress in Paris, renounces his inheritance in order to be able to save at least the bare life... Back in the country house there is a confusing showdown. Is the vicar the murderer?

Robert Thomas' crime comedy is a novelty in that the eight male and female leads are all played by the same actor!

Directed by Thomas Wingrich This content has been machine translated.

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21.00 - 39.00€


Berliner Kriminal Theater Palisadenstraße 48 10243 Berlin