PHOTO: © Rolf Arnold / Schauspiel Leipzig

Die Bridgetower-Sonate (UA)

In the organizer's words:
Commissioned by Schauspiel Leipzig
by Amanda Wilkin
German by Aidan Riebensahm
Directed by Adewale Teodros Adebisi

There's a spark between Bridgetower and Beethoven - a musical friendship at eye level. They passionately spur each other on to top performances, much to the delight of the audience. The Violin Sonata No. 9, often called the Kreutzer Sonata, bears witness to this encounter. At least since the two men broke up. The reason is unknown and the violinist, whose name was removed from the dedication, is almost unknown. This content has been machine translated.


Schauspiel Leipzig Bosestraße 1 04109 Leipzig

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