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Die Brüder Karamasow

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after F. M. Dostoyevsky, German by Swetlana Geier, in an adaptation by Laura Linnenbaum and Wolfgang Michalek / Director: Laura Linnenbaum

The Karamazov brothers return to their father's house. The patriarch Fyodor Karamazov leads a hedonistic, reckless life in which there has never been room for his sons. Dimitri, his eldest son, openly displays his hatred of his father. Together with his bride Katerina, he has come to claim his mother's embezzled inheritance. His brother Ivan is secretly in love with Katerina. The intellectual puts forward the fatal thesis: "When God is dead, anything goes". Alexei, the youngest, has dedicated his life to his faith and entered a monastery, where he has found a spiritual father in Starez Sossima. And then there is Smerdyakov, Fyodor's illegitimate son, who is condemned to serve as a footman in the Karamazov household. The unequal brothers' meeting with the patriarch escalates into a quarrel and shortly afterwards he is found murdered.

The family tragedy becomes a criminal case and exposes the skeleton of an outdated patriarchal social order. "The Brothers Karamazov" was Dostoyevsky's last monumental novel and represents the quintessence of his work. In the final analysis, the novel raises the fundamental human questions of guilt and responsibility, meaning and morality, suffering and compassion, love and forgiveness.

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Theater day on June 06 - all tickets for 8/12€!


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Schauspiel Frankfurt Neue Mainzer Straße 17 60311 Frankfurt am Main