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Die Matrix (UA)

In the organizer's words:

A dream game with music

They call themselves THE MATRIX. They want to defend the human against the threatening supremacy of algorithms and artificial intelligences. To do this, they do what no chatbot has yet managed to do convincingly: they dream. They dream together in order to uncover the creative powers of their humanity, to resist the automation of the world, to counter the screening by Big Data with the anarchic power of free association. But something seems to be wrong with the new member of the group ... Fears, fantasies, dissolution of boundaries, desires and dreamlike songs - DIE MATRIX asks: What is that, a human being? And: Do we (still) need it? - "I'll see you on the dark side of the moon."

Dreams as resistance against the algorithmization of the world - a poetic, abysmal piece with lots of music.

With: Marc Fischer, Jonas Laiblin, Alexandra Lowygina, Friederike Neutze, Nick von der Nahmer, Ramona Petry

Director: Heinz Simon Keller

Text & dramaturgy: Ulrike Janssen

Stage & Costume: Katya Markush

Video: Alice Bleistein

Sound & Composition: Nick von der Nahmer

Musical advice: Julia K.

Assistant director: Joelle Anouk Kannapin

Technique: Thomas Mörl, Paul Hollstein

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Theater der Keller Siegburger Straße 233w 50679 Köln