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Die seriöse Wissenschaft des Zeitreisens. Mit Mark Waschke, Lavinia Wilson und Knut Elstermann

In the organizer's words:

For over 100 years, at least since H. G. Wells' groundbreaking novel "The Time Machine" in 1895, authors have allowed us to dream of traveling through time. Shortly after Wells, Einstein proved in his theory of relativity that time is much more similar to space than previously thought - and thus opened up the playground for new science fiction and literary dystopias. There has always been a great fascination with time travel - be it via flux compensators, wormholes or genetic abnormalities. However, as soon as you start to think seriously about time travel, completely different questions arise: Can the course of history really be changed? How does a time traveler adapt to the new circumstances of time? And what if something goes wrong along the way? Mark Waschke and Lavinia Wilson read from great time travel stories, Knut Elstermann navigates into the past, through time loops and *'Back to the Future'. Concept: Hanna Wunsch

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