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Director Deborah Krönung | Stage Norman Heinen | Costumes Annika Garling | Lighting Jan Wiesbrock | Production Manager Lea König | Assistant Director Hanna Lange
With Bettina Muckenhaupt, Claudio Schulz-Keune and Janine D'Aragona

As always in troubled times, fantasy is once again currently under latent suspicion: in the face of grave social challenges, the documentary level of art currently seems more urgent than the fabulating design of sweeping adventure stories. In order to be able to formulate and implement hopeful utopias, however, the training of the imagination is essential, even in the face of difficult circumstances - and hardly any book formulates this credo as emphatically as The Neverending Story. In Michael Ende's famous 1979 novel, imagination is in acute danger: the mythical realm of Phantásia is threatened with extinction by the void - and only a fat little boy who loves reading and is bullied by his classmates can stop the process.

Deborah Krönung and her team will focus Ende's fantastic Bildungsroman to its core and celebrate the basic human capacity for imagination with an evening that uses unleashed imagination to confront the dangerous lack of imagination in our supposed reality and its consequences.

© Performance rights by Verlag für Kindertheater Weitendorf, Hamburg

Unlike many other productions of Michael Ende's novel, this production is not aimed specifically at children or young people. There are dark passages that can be challenging for children. There will be no explicit depictions of violence.

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from 10.00€


Theater im Bauturm Aachener Straße 24-26 50674 Köln

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