EXIT. Spiele erzählen mit Inka & Markus Brand und Jens Baumeister

In the organizer's words:

The goal is to escape - from an abandoned hut, an enchanted forest or an eerie laboratory. Everyone knows the games in the EXIT series from the KOSMOS publishing house, and everyone has despaired at them or experienced the euphoria when the seemingly unsolvable puzzle is finally cracked. The inventor and author duo of the overwhelmingly successful game series, Inka and Markus Brand, will be answering questions from game authors for the first time at lit.COLOGNE. How do they write their puzzles? What comes first: puzzle or story? Does the team player concept contribute to the immense success?
In addition to the games, in which the material is folded, cut or even watered, a book series has been established that invites you to solve puzzles. Author Jens Baumeister reads from it. And the audience will puzzle - for illustrative purposes, of course, the doors will remain unlocked.
Moderator: Tobias Häusler

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Theater am Tanzbrunnen Rheinparkweg 1 50679 Köln

Organizer | Festival

lit.COLOGNE Maria-Hilf-Straße 15-17 50677 Köln

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