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After the death of her girlfriend, young photographer Jacs Gould (Alice Englert) returns to her hometown on the Australian coast to shed light on the background to the tragedy, which also sheds light on their relationship. In the firm belief that her friend was driven to her death, Jacs therefore sets a decoy: herself. What begins as "simple" investigative work turns into an obsessive chase that, between sex and the darkroom, keeps heading towards pain and her own past. For series creator Lucy Coleman, this is at least to some extent a reappraisal of her own experiences: "Exposure" was born out of a desire to transform a painful paradox into an exciting and entertaining genre show." With the support of producer Justin Kurzel and actress Essie Davis ("Miss Fisher's Mysterious Murders"), among others, the result is a mystery thriller that resonates for a long time: a young photographer tries to solve the death of her friend and finds more answers in the Australian thriller series than she would like.

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2,55 €


Cinenova Köln-Ehrenfeld Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

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SERIENCAMP FESTIVAL Herbrandstraße 11 50825 Köln

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