Extreme Characters - Workshop with Inbal Lori

In the organizer's words:

Workshop in easy english.

Have you ever wondered why most of us play "normal" or "neutral" characters most of the time? Do you have the urge to play characters which are bigger than life and /or are very different from you? Are you struggling with playing this kind of character in a believable way?

From my experience, when improvisers make the choice of playing an extreme character on

stage, two main things happen: 1. They struggle between playing that character consistently and believably while keeping the scene going. 2. the scene will usually evolve around them and how "extreme" they are. This is why in this session I would like you to develop the ability to play those characters in a believable and focused way AND use these characters to tell beautiful stories in various contexts and situations.

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Price information:

99.90 euros / 69.90 euros (reduced*) BOTH WORKSHOPS with Inbal Lori (17.02 & 18.02): 189.90 euros / 139.90 euros (reduced*)


Impro Köln / Studio A Aachener Straße 65 50674 Köln

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