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Freundschaft auf Rechnung

In the organizer's words:

The men's weekend of Jules, Antoine and Axel begins with an extensive dinner and an obligatory booze-up. At the end of the evening, Axel exuberantly and generously pays the bill for all three friends. So far so good. The next day, however, he regrets his decision and asks his friends to share the bill and pay him back a third each. The other two are perplexed, but at least Antoine agrees and pulls out his checkbook. Jules, on the other hand, steadfastly refuses, and from this point on, the cards of their long-standing friendship are reshuffled. The meeting develops into a full-blown reckoning in which every mistake is set off against every flaw and every betrayal is met with a skillful counter-attack. And in the end, who and what is it really about? The women, the love, the sex!

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Theater an der Luegallee Luegallee 4 / Eingang Burggrafenstraße 40545 Düsseldorf