PHOTO: © Frederike Wetzels

Friedemann Weise: Das bisschen Content

Theater Comedy Satire Absurd Musik Comedy Bescheuert
In the organizer's words:

God created man and man created content. What was just a photo is now already content. Get up, take a shower, make content. Or vice versa. And then again from the beginning. Life is a long, calm river, full to the top with content.

In his fourth program, Friedemann Weise focuses on content. And once again he has made it easy for himself. Because everything is content. His songs, his jokes, his moves, his stories. But content also raises questions: What is the plural of content? If someone creates content in the forest, but no one is watching, is it content? Can you get pregnant from content? What does content have that I don't? What did Hans the little hazelnut say? Only when the last person makes content will you realize that sometimes small art is not bad either. Until then: Content is allowed to do everything and Friedemann Weise even more so!

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Atelier Theater Roonstraße 78 50674 Köln

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