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Theater Performance Kinder & Jugendliche
In the organizer's words:
Foxes are legendary and beloved by many. Post Theater has been on the trail of the animals, has mocked the urban fox and dug into the burrow of the wild animal in the forest. Discussions with scientists, own observations as well as countless stories about Reinecke Fuchs are the basis of this walk-in fox lair: In a live multimedia labyrinth, only five people at a time will experience foxes of different origins, which will touch, seduce and confuse them.

Hardly any animal serves so much as a projection surface for human characteristics, hardly any is as contradictory as the fox. He is considered playful, rapacious, mean, sneaky, beautiful, cunning, charming and much more...

Post Theater has delved into the world of foxes and discovered a society where morality is suspended and fluid hierarchies apply. It has evaluated stories about foxes around the world and delved into their behavioral biology. And then gave the stage to the foxes themselves! In the wondrous chambers of the fox's den, the audience meets tricky performers. This content has been machine translated.

Price information:

10.00 - 25.00€ Solidary price system


TD BERLIN Klosterstraße 44 10179 Berlin

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